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Welcome to PIE

Pie Project Home


The PIE project aims to provide Real Estate Investors with a FREE web based cashflow calculator to use to evaluate potential rental property income before investing.  It is an Open Source project developed by Richard Bondi.  Real Estate Investors can use the Demo application on this site. 

Also, you can download a Working Copy to put on your site.  This is ideal for Real Estate Investor's, Real Estate Agent's or Investors Club websites.  The Source Code is also available for download to those who would like to customize the functionality.


  • Free
  • Web based
  • Use on this site with no download or installation
  • Add to your site
  • Create your own expense categories 
  • Easily calculate cashflow and ROI
  • Loan Amortization
  • Reports in PDF format
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Properties
  • Dynamic loan addition
  • Recurring expenses
  • 7 year Bar Graph for quick investment evaluation
  • Tax and Depreciation calculation
  • Upload property images for user interface and reports

To Do

  • More reports
  • Internationalization
  • Extend report time frame
  • More bargraph options


Screen Images